San Francisco Mayor Ridiculous For Trying To Ban Alcohol During Super Bowl

By Ben Grimaldi
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This has to be one of the worst ideas in history, right up there with Lloyd Braun handing out name-tags to people in an episode of Seinfeld. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is suggesting the city restrict the sale of hard alcohol for the Super Bowl.

Lee wants to limit the rioting that may occur should the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl, especially after seeing damage done to the city after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. While that sounds very nice Mr. Mayor but I wonder how that will sound to the local liquor stores in your city? They can’t be very happy with your suggestion and even though it may help the local bars and restaurants, it’s probably safer to have a party at someone’s house so there should be less driving after drinking.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that right now there is no ban or restriction but he does want all establishments that serve alcohol to take a more responsible approach. The paper also reports the restriction is only on hard alcohol, not beer.

I hate to break it to you Mayor Lee but most football fans like to drink beer while watching football and limiting beer may do more damage. Fans will just buy and consume more beer if hard alcohol is not available, so the ban is likely useless.

I understand the intent behind the idea but there is no way you can stop people from drinking and partying during the Super Bowl. In actuality, fans of teams who are playing in the game tend to drink less and focus more on the game. Banning alcohol will also not stop the rioting because it only takes one or two people set off a huge chain reaction. If the 49ers win, the city is going to celebrate and it won’t matter if they have been drinking or not.

The point behind this proposition is to watch the game and celebrate responsibly, which I agree with wholeheartedly. If the Mayor’s worries stops even a little bit of the rioting that comes from winning it was well worth it. San Francisco should enjoy Super Bowl XLVII and root their 49ers on with everything they’ve got and if the Niners win, hopefully they can celebrate responsibly and with class.

Isn’t that what San Francisco is known for? So to steal from Ron Burgundy, ‘stay classy San Francisco.’

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