The State of Jay Cutler

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Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler isn’t what one would call non-demonstrative. The cameras will always catch him with an angry look on his face, yelling at a teammate, shoving an offensive lineman, etc. Now that the dust has cleared and we look back at 2012, perhaps a better picture has been drawn for why Cutler acts the way he does (as a disclaimer, I am not condoning his behavior).

According to Pro Football Focus, not one of the Bears offensive linemen graded in the positive numbers. Using a formula that evaluates linemen on every snap, the Bears lineman all graded below zero. Let me repeat that so it sets in; the Bears offensive linemen all graded in the negative numbers. J’marcus Webb was the best of the worst (that’s right folks, that J’Marcus Webb) with a score of -0.8. As a comparison, Roberto Garza graded out with a score of -5.6 despite the appearance of being one of the team’s better lineman.  Last years’ top draft choice Gabe Carimi brings up the rear with a mark of -14.3.

Now that we see the lack of protection Cutler is dealing with, then he has to deal with the worst tight ends in the modern era of football. Kellen Davis caught 18 passes and dropped at least eight of his targets. In addition to being a horrific receiver, Davis is allergic to blocking. Matt Spaeth may be able to block (even though I still question that), but he’s not a target in the passing game. Kyle Adams plays like an undrafted free agent.

Obviously, Brandon Marshall is a stud. After that, it is a crap shoot at wide receiver. Everyone keeps telling me that Alshon Jeffrey is a talented wide receiver, and I’ve been mildly to unimpressed with his skill set. Earl Bennett can’t stay healthy, and when he does, he isn’t consistent. Devin Hester is Devin Hester.

Luckily, when the Bears replaced the coaching staff they fired all three idiots in charge of these units. The biggest culprit was former wide receivers’ coach Darryl Drake. Lovie Smith kept this guy around despite being the worst coach in the modern era of football. With Marc Trestman‘s commitment to offense, there has to be an improvement. Quite frankly, things couldn’t get much worse.

So the next time you think Cutler is a baby, please refer back to this article for some clarity. Because quite honestly, I am now angrier than I was before I wrote it.

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