Titus Young Must Really Want Detroit Lions To Cut Him

By Andy Schmidt
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We have all seen players in the National Football League say some very stupid things before. Titus Young may have just topped the list by basically begging the Detroit Lions to release him. Young claims that the team is threatening him and just wants it over with. Young would be best-served just keeping his mouth shut and his fingers off the computer and away from Twitter.

Twitter is probably one of the worst things that have happened to athletes, allowing them to rant about their lives and thinking they can get away with it. Young should just be happy to have a job and especially one in Detroit, no less. The folks in Detroit aren’t going to take too kindly to someone who has a job begging to get out of it. Young has proved he is a punk at this point by doing things that are detrimental to the Lions, and getting himself stuck on the bench.

If the Lions want to get rid of Young, I don’t blame them one bit. They don’t need the trouble from Young. The Lions should just cut him and void the rest of his contract out if they can. Young is going to have a very hard time finding another job in the NFL though with his comments. There is no doubt in my mind that Young will get blackballed by the other teams in the league who aren’t going to want to deal with him either. It would be best for Young to just be quiet, say he’s sorry about the comments, get on with his career and hope that Detroit doesn’t pull the plug on him.

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