Who will be the Next Quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals?

By Kase Brammer
Colt McCoy
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With the announcement of a new head coach comes hope for the Arizona Cardinals. Bruce Arians brings excitement to a sideline that was in much need of something. During an eleven-game losing streak in the 2012 season, former head coach Ken Whisenhunt was unable to light a fire under his team and it was time for him to go. Arians is the kind of coach that will not let that happen, but how does he do it?

The Cardinals main problem is not having a quarterback that can throw the ball down field accurately, or anywhere for that matter. QB Kevin Kolb  showed he can win games, but the rest of the guys were just not fun to watch. Arians doesn’t seem to excited to work with Kolb, but he is willing to give everybody a chance to work in his new system. I have said before that John Skelton and Ryan Lindley don’t deserve a chance; they lack the will to lead a team to victory. The coach needs to finds a new guy and he needs to do it quick.

Here is a list of possible future quarterbacks in no particular order:

Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick

Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Flynn

Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel

Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy

New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Free Agent QB Vince Young

San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith

USC QB Matt Barkley

Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert

Some of these choices are a little more realistic than others. Probably a sleeper that intrigues me the most is McCoy. He was never really given a fair shot in the Browns system (with players that aren’t terrible) and it would be great for him to start fresh. His numbers are not great, but he is young enough where he can reinvent himself and take over the Cardinals’ franchise.

Another guy I would like to see come in is Cousins. He is very young, but with the Robert Griffin III‘s knee problem, it’s going to take some serious cunning on the Cardinals part to to move him here, maybe all of it.

The Cardinals have no use for Young, Sanchez, Cassel and Gabbert is a maybe. The Jaguars may have ruined that mans’ career with their inability to coach him and drafting him higher than he probably should have gone. I do not think the Seahawks and 49ers will allow their respective quarterbacks to go anywhere in their own division. So, that leaves Vick, McCoy, Fitzpatrick and Barkley, via the draft, as realistic choices.

For Arians, the clock is ticking until draft day. If does not like the way things are going with Kolb he will have to draft a quarterback in the second round. If they waste a first round pick on any of the quarterbacks in this weaker class a lot of fans will be upset and for good reason. There are no RGIIIs, Russell Wilsons, or Andrew Lucks in this class. At this point, I am in a situation where I have to trust the decisions Arians makes and hope his superior coaching skills will bring the Cardinals into a new era.

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