Could Donald Driver Come Back as a Green Bay Packers Coach?

By AJEnno
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It seems the marriage between Donald Driver and the Green Bay Packers may be finally coming to an end, as a player. This has brought up an idea that would make sense for the Packers, keeping Driver on as a wide receivers coach. Driver could teach young receivers a lot about consistency, and the toughness it takes to be a Packer.

This move wouldn’t be unheard of, because the Packers receivers coach right now is former running back Edgar Bennett. He started as a running back’s coach with the Packers and has moved his way up. There are talks that he may a viable candidate for an offensive coordinator position elsewhere. This would be a perfect opportunity for Driver.

I think Bennett will at least stay on for another season, but this would be perfect for Driver. He could take a season off with his family if he decides to retire. Then if, and when Bennett were to get a chance at offensive coordinator it would be time to give Driver a call. There’s no doubt the guy is destined to be a media personality or a coach at some capacity. He loves the city of Green Bay, and the feeling is mutual so it would be a perfect marriage.

Since 2010, there’s been a feeling that Driver is destined for at least one more Super Bowl title with the Packers. Maybe doing it in this capacity would be destiny for the 38 year old receiver. Ultimately, it seems that there is no chance Driver will play another down with the Packers, but it doesn’t seem like it will be a messy divorce.

This would be a perfect way for a Packer legend to end his career in one sense, and begin another journey all with the same team.

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