Joe Flacco Is Worthy of Being an Elite Quarterback

By Greg Bradshaw
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

When discussing premier NFL quarterbacks, it’s unfortunate that the name of Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco doesn’t come up. He attended the University of Delaware, which isn’t exactly an NCAA Division One hotbed for college football. While he has a strong arm to throw the deep ball, the Ravens’ offense doesn’t focus solely on the vertical passing game.

By nature of the position, the quarterback is the leader of the team. Further illustrating Flacco’s underdog status is the notion that he isn’t the leader of his own team. That distinction belongs to Ravens’ linebacker and first ballot Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. Considering that Lewis has played with the Ravens’ franchise since the organization’s second year of existence in 1996, he’s definitely worthy of his legendary status.

But I digress. Flacco has compiled a 56-24 record during his five years as the starting Ravens’ quarterback. He has also led the Ravens to the playoffs each year since joining Baltimore in 2008. That’s a feat no other current quarterback in the NFL has accomplished. He has also compiled an 8-4 career playoff record as of this record. It’s a record surely to be proud of to start an NFL career.

However, Flacco will probably be overshadowed by his counterpart in Super Bowl XLVII, San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Considering Kaepernick burst onto the scene with 181 rushing yards in the 49ers’ 45-31 NFC Divisional round victory over the Green Bay Packers, it’s easy to see why he would get most of the publicity. The 49ers are also a considerable favorite to win Super Bowl XLVII, further solidifying Flacco’s underdog status.

None of that should matter to Flacco. He has the opportunity to lead the Ravens to their second Super Bowl title in franchise history. If that doesn’t solidify Flacco as an elite NFL quarterback, nothing will.



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