John Elway Says Tim Tebow Could Be Successful in "Right Situation"

By Mark Stringer
Ed Mullholland – US Presswire

Denver Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway spoke recently about his former QB, Tim Tebow, and his chances of becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL. When asked if Tebow could be a quarterback in the NFL, Elway surprised many with his answer:

“If that’s what he wants to do, in the right situation, I think it’s a possibility.”

Elway has been saying all the right things to support Tebow, but does he really mean it? I mean, maybe Elway believes that, but maybe he doesn’t think there is such a situation in the NFL. He obviously didn’t believe that Denver was the right place for Tebow.

Heck, in the “right situation,” I could start in the NFL. If a team in the NFL could put a six foot brick wall in front of me to prevent a pass rush, and the secondary couldn’t get within 10 yards of my receivers, and I took the snap eight yards deep, maybe I would be in a situation where I could start in the NFL too.

I’m not saying that Tebow would need all that, but I am saying that he doesn’t need to be a starting quarterback because the things listed above are not realistic. He could be successful in the NFL, but it would have to be with a team where everyone in the organization wants him, and they put in a special Tebow package that allows him to play in certain situations, such as the Wildcat, or some kind of option offense. He may also need to be able to play multiple positions.

If Tebow starts as an every-down QB in the NFL, I can promise you that team he starts for will not be a Super Bowl contender. And no, the Broncos last season were not a Super Bowl contender. Not even close. They won their division with an 8-8 record and played a decent game in the first round of the playoffs, but were far too inconsistent to be considered a contender. That will likely be the case with Tebow’s next team.


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