Minnesota Vikings Display Talented Youth with Seven Pro Bowl Selections

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Look, we all know the Pro Bowl game is a crock, but having multiple players selected from one team usually is a good sign for a franchise.

This is not always the case (Kansas City Chiefs-6 selections), but in the case of the Minnesota Vikings, it is. Unlike the Chiefs, the Vikings made the playoffs this past season. It’s a very safe assumption that if you take away even one of these Pro Bowl selections, that Vikings would have fallen short of the postseason. Everyone played a big role.

You can look at the Pro Bowl any way you want to, but it no doubt recognizes the best players in the league. I’m confident in saying that these seven Vikings are indeed some of the best in the league at their respective positions: Adrian Peterson, Jerome Felton, Blair Walsh, Jared Allen, Chad Greenway, Kyle Rudolph, and Matt Kalil.

The best part is that the oldest player is Greenway, and he’s only 30. Point being that Vikings have themselves a very solid foundation of young players. Walsh and Kalil are just rookies, Rudolph just finished his second year, while the beast AP is only 27.

One thing is for sure, youth is winning in the NFL more than ever in it’s history. For the longest time, rookies weren’t even given a chance to play, but now they’re playing major roles on playoff teams. It’s just the evolution of the game, and the Vikings appear to be in on it in a big way.

Do I really care about the Pro Bowl game itself? Absolutely not, but the fact that Vikings sent seven to Hawaii is a good thing regardless.


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