NFL Rumors: Darrelle Revis May Be on St. Louis Rams’ Radar

By Anthony Blake
Darrelle Revis - St. Louis Rams
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If there was one recurring weakness for the St. Louis Rams during the 2012 season (aside from the offensive line), it was their secondary. On several occasions the defensive backs for St. Louis were burned for big momentum swinging plays that may have ultimately cost them wins in some cases. That is why the idea of trading for the now seemingly available Darrelle Revis is an intriguing idea for the young squad under the Gateway Arch.

The team signed feisty Jeff Fisher staple Cortland Finnegan to a massive contract last offseason, but he didn’t really thrive in their defense. He will present a $15 million cap hit in 2013 if he is on the roster and that may be enough to earn him a ticket out of town. He also has a $3 million bonus that will be guaranteed five days after Super Bowl XLVII if he is on the roster which may provide added incentive to move him out.

With Janoris Jenkins already claiming a firm hold to one starting cornerback role, Revis would make an incredible complement to the young up and coming playmaker. Keeping in mind that the New York Jets and Rams have already done some business recently with the Jason Smith for Wayne Hunter deal this past season, perhaps the bridge to facilitate a trade has already been built. Sure, that was under former general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s direction, but the teams are already familiar with one another at least.

Statistically, adding Revis would clearly help a secondary that ranked 23rd in the NFL in first downs allowed through the air. In terms of pass defense, the Rams were ranked 15th in the league while their NFC West counterparts in the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, and even the lowly Arizona Cardinals ranked in the top six in that category.

Given the plethora of picks that the Rams still have in their back pocket from the Robert Griffin III deal from the Washington Redskins, they have plenty of flexibility in terms of trade value to offer in exchange for Revis. This team could quickly help its secondary leap frog the rest of their division with just one move.

Even if Finnegan remains with the Rams, adding Revis would give them a trio of terrific corners in a primarily pass-happy league. A team can never have too many high-quality corners and the Rams would certainly benefit from the addition of Revis.

GM Les Snead has already shown he isn’t afraid to make deals and this Rams team showed a great deal of improvement in less than a year under his direction. If he wants to take this team to the next level and make them contenders immediately, putting together a package to land Revis would be a great place to start.

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