Should Mike McCarthy Relinquish Play-Calling Duties?

By AJEnno
Jeff Hanlsch-USA TODAY Sports

The last two season’s have ended in a very lack luster fashion for the Green Bay Packers. They have come into the post season two years in a row with one of the most explosive offenses. When the game was on the line, the offense was no where to be found as they were shut down in the second half of both Divisional playoff games against the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers. Many people like to blame the defense for the failures in these games, but if the offense would’ve played up to its potential it’s easy to say the Packers could be going to their third straight Super Bowl. This all boils down to the man calling the plays.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy is the offensive play caller, while offensive coordinator Tom Clements basically helps him gameplan going into games. McCarthy may be the problem for the woes. When the game is on the line he seems to get one dimensional when he faces some adversity. In the Divisional game against the Niners, McCarthy abandoned the run game in the second half when it was only a three point game. The run game had been successful in the first half, so it was a head scratching move for McCarthy to do this.

Historically McCarthy has had the problem of taking his foot off the gas when the offense is on fire. In return this often lets the other team get back into these games and make it closer than it has to be. This is a frustrating trait of McCarthy’s, while most fans would like to see the approach of going for the dagger early and to keep piling on.

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