Top 10 Super Bowl Performances of All Time

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Top 10 Super Bowl Performances

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With only eight days to go until the Super Bowl when the Baltimore Ravens will represent the AFC against the NFC’s best, the San Francisco 49ers in a battle that will undoubtedly see one player stand out from the rest, it’s time to take a little journey back in time and check out Rant Sports’ top 10 Super Bowl performances of all time.

Throughout the years there have been so many special performances by individuals on the games biggest stage, so picking a top 10 has been quite difficult and by no means is it a definitive list, but taking into account both the occasion and the statistical achievements of each player, I feel comfortable in saying that all of these performances merited their inclusion in the top 10.

Obviously this is going to omit some players who have also had stellar performances in the Super Bowl, and this is where you come in. If you feel like anyone has been unfairly snubbed, feel free to comment and let me know who you think should be included. If I get enough responses, I promise that I will do a fan only top 10 Super Bowl performances show. Here’s hoping that I have included everyone's favorite performance at least, whatever order he may appear in the slideshow.

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10. Lynn Swann - Super Bowl X

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In an era when defenders were allowed to really intimidate receivers with borderline dirty play, to have a game with 161 receiving yards is some feat. Lynn Swann was expected not to be able to play in the Super Bowl due to a sever concussion suffered in the AFC Championship Game and having spent two days in hospital. Swann was able to perform in the clutch in which he had a 64 yard fourth quarter reception that resulted in a touchdown, proving to be the difference on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

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9. Timmy Smith - Super Bowl XXII

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Imagine being a rookie and having got the starting nod in the Super Bowl due to injuries to the regular season starter, that’s what happened to Timmy Smith and where some may have crumbled he shone. In fact he shone so much that he ripped off 204 yards of rushing on 22 carries and added 2 touchdowns to help a 42-point offensive explosion by the Washington Redskins.

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8. Kurt Warner - Super Bowl XXXIV

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Kurt Warner completed the ultimate fairytale journey by leading his St Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory by throwing for 414 yards and 2 touchdowns. Despite the game coming down to that famous moment when Kevin Dyson reached out for the endzone and coming up short by a yard, Warners dictation of the leagues best offense which managed to register points in all four quarters were what made this performance so special.

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7. Tom Brady - Super Bowl XXXVIII

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After tasting success in the Super Bowl two years earlier, Tom Brady came back not only for his second ring, but also for his second MVP performance. His stat line read like this; 32 completions on 48 attempts with 3 touchdowns and an interception, good stats and certainly MVP worthy but it wasn’t just the stats that saw him land on this list, it was Tom Terrifics final drive heroics and his memorable connections to Troy Brown and Deion Branch that put the New England Patriots in field goal range to win the game.

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6. Terrell Davis - Super Bowl XXXII

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This game will be remembered for the famous John Elway helicopter play and him winning his first Super Bowl, but the best performance of the night came from Terrell Davis who became the only player to rush for 3 touchdowns as well as adding 157 yards to his effort. He accomplished all of this despite suffering a migrane and having impaired vision during the second quarter. Truly a top Super Bowl effort!

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5. Marcus Allen - Super Bowl XVIII

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One of the most iconic running backs of all time was simply mercurial in his Super Bowl XVIII performance by running rings around a Washington Redskins defense to the tune of 191 yards off of 20 caries and 2 touchdowns. His 74 yard touchdown run is still one of the most iconic Super Bowl highlights when upon reversing his direction in the backfield, Marcus Allen appears to glide through a huge gap in the line and through to the secondary before outpacing everyone and finding a home in the endzone.

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4. Jerry Rice - Super Bowl XXIII

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The man that practically set every receiving record the NFL has was also able to set a very important Super Bowl mark by having 215 yards on only 11 catches to help the San Francisco 49ers become the first team to win three Super Bowls in a 20-16 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Jerry Rice even chipped in a few of those catches on the famous last drive of the game that covered 92 yards on 11 plays.

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3. Doug Williams - Super Bowl XXII

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We return to Super Bowl XXII to honour another top 10 performance and this one is for Doug Williams. Williams made history for being the first black quarterback to play in the Super Bowl, but at the end of the day he let his 4 touchdowns and 340 passing yards do all the talking, earning him game MVP status and a deserved place in he history books unrelated from his colour.

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2. Joe Montana - Super Bowl XXIV

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A Super Bowl top 10 would never be complete without a mention of Joe Montana. On January 28th 1990, Montana orchestrated the San Francisco 49er West coast offense to perfection by throwing 5 touchdowns along with 297 yards to tear up a Denver Bronco defense which simply had no answer to anything Montana and Jerry Rice had to offer.

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1. Steve Young- Super Bowl XXIX

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This was truly the moment when Steve Young stepped out of the shadow of his predecessor, Joe Montana and enshrined himself into San Francisco 49er lore with a performance that saw him throw for 325 and 6 touchdowns without an interception. To add to this great passing performance he also was the games leading rusher with 49 yards, the first time the Super Bowl saw the same person lead the game in rushing and passing.