Would Rashard Mendenhall be a Good Fit For The Green Bay Packers?

By AJEnno
Charles Lecaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers may have officially hit rock bottom with their run game. It’s time for a change of pace, and drafting or signing a good running back with power and speed. One running back that would fit this kind of style is Pittsburgh Steelers free agent Rashard Mendenhall.

Mendenhall was robbed of much of this past season due to injuries, and a torn ACL that he suffered in week 17 of 2011. Specialists always say that it normally takes a year to get over an ACL injury before a player is back to normal, Adrian Peterson is the exception. If this is true the Packers could be cashing in at the right time if they take a chance on Mendenhall.

When Mendenhall is healthy he has the speed and cutting ability to find the hole, and also be a bruiser if needed. The Packers struggle in short yardage so this would be an automatic upgrade for the run game. Mendenhall is also great in the screen game, something the Packers would like to use more but don’t have the players for it. He’s also used to running in adverse conditions. Playing in the AFC North is comparable weather wise to playing in the NFC North. He’s a tough runner with some attitude that the Packers need. He would most likely come relatively cheap, because of the fact that he’ll be labeled “damaged goods,” it is a chance worth taking. This would be better than the chance the Packers took on Cedric Benson last year.

The only real knack on Mendenhall is the fact that he may have a bit of a fumbling problem. Packer fans will remember him fumbling at a crucial point of the game in Super Bowl XLV. If that can be corrected then it would be in the Packers best interest to take a shot at Mendenhall.

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