Buffalo Bills Are Interested In Darrelle Revis

By Scott DelleFave
Revis, Darrelle 1
Andrew Mills – USA TODAY Sports

After the rumors started to flow that the the New York Jets were interested in moving their biggest defensive piece in Darrelle Revis, the Buffalo Bills became instantly interested as cornerback is a decent sized need and Revis would provide leadership and elite talent at another level of this defense.

In addtion to that, Revis would be reunited with Bills defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine Jr. and good things could happen again. Not to mention he could likely have Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd and with continuing development of now second year cornerback Stephon Gilmore this pass defense could be formative to say the least. The only catch to trading for Revis and this would be likely try for any team wanting his services is that he must sign a long-term contract extension as a condition of being traded, as he is a free agent after the 2013 NFL season, especially if a team were to give up a first and second round picks to acquire his talents.

Is it possible the Jets would do the improbable and trade within the division? That has been asked a lot since the rumors broke and honestly, yes it’s possible. I mean Donovan McNabb was traded within the division, because the price was right. The Jets might make it a stiffer slope for the rumored interest by the Bills and the New England Patriots but still would bite the bullet and make the  deal at the end of the day.

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