Denard Robinson Has Work To Do Before NFL Draft

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Denard Robinson is for a change in his career before he heads to the National Football League. Robinson is already making the transition from quarterback to wide receiver and will have to continue making improvement on that front before the NFL Draft in April. Robinson had two catches in the Senior Bowl on Saturday but could become a player in the NFL that will make teams have to scheme differently.

Robinson obviously has the potential to throw the ball at any time but with the option-style of game that Robinson plays, he is not a full-time NFL quarterback. Robinson could find himself in Wildcat packages or special plays that involve a pass but his main value will be a wide receiver for the rest of his career. There will be teams who will look at Robinson with his height and shy away from him. I think Robinson would be better off as a dangerous kick returner personally. That is the spot where his talents could be best used.

This transition is going to be bumpy for Robinson but he seems to have the talent to pull it off. Hopefully, he can find a niche in the NFL being a wide receiver for a team that will embrace what he does. Otherwise, Robinson may be looking at being out of the NFL or finding his way north to Canada to keep playing football. This is going to be a very interesting next three months for Robinson as things change all the time for him getting ready for his professional career.

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