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Fines in the NFL are Seriously Out of Whack

Brady, Tom 1

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we had the Conference Championship games and for sure there were definitely some actions that warranted fines by the NFL. Including and especially the picture above as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady slides and then tries to spike Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed and it is irrelevant that Brady apologized.

When this incident happened and the punishment was doled out, there were a few thoughts I had: A. That’s it!? $10,000!? For that? Even notoriously dirty Hall of Famer Ty Cobb in baseball would call that a dirty play. B. Tom Brady was lucky that was Ed Reed, because if that was defensive linemen Haloti Ngata or even Terrence Cody , they are extremely large men and I think they would have fallen on Brady which would have made a pancake out of him. Finally, C. didn’t Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions get fined pretty heavily for raising his leg with apparent intent to injure on Thanksgiving no less.

In addition to Suh’s kicking, the fining being out of whack was also shown proof in the NFC title game as well as San Francisco 49ers running back,Frank Gore got fined $10,500 for having his socks too low. Frankly I would love to hear the logic of this one as I am a big proponent for player safety, but freaking socks!?!?

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