Harbaugh Bowl: Why Ray Lewis Can't Shake Murder Charges

By Scott DelleFave
Ray Lewis
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Lewis was implicated  back in 2000 for double murders, and he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. As a result, Lewis was sentenced to 12 months of probation in exchange for his testimony against two other defendants that were eventually acquitted of murder in June of 2000, as it was Lewis’ first offense. After this trial was over, no one else has been arrested for this crime. However, it seems like this story of the Baltimore Ravens living legend can not shake this at all even though it is 2013 now and he has put this long behind him.

Some people will say oh it’s because he was famous he got off easy, maybe but he wasn’t yet the star he is now yet, despite being a first round draft pick in 1996. I’ll also ask people that just blindly call him a murder, were you there in Atlanta where these murders happened? Were you examining evidence? I didn’t think so.  Also he has become an amazing person and regardless what people say (mainly Wes Welker‘s wife) and yes he does have six kids by four different women, however, he is in the life of all six kids and this is the main reason for his retirement after Super Bowl Sunday. Yes he is an emotional guy, however, it comes across as genuine as he could go out on top which is without question the way to go out.

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