Pro Bowl: Peyton Manning Will Win the MVP

By Joe Morrone
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Pro Bowl and no one really cares, including the players, but here’s a somewhat bold prediction for everyone. Peyton Manning will be named the game’s MVP. The Denver Broncos quarterback probably will not win the MVP award for the 2012 NFL season, but don’t be shocked if he takes home the hardware on Sunday night.

Whenever Manning steps onto a football field, he’s there to play well and pick defenses apart. At the beginning of the week in Hawaii, Manning pleaded with his fellow Pro Bowlers to take the game seriously. That message probably went over like a lead balloon but it did tell us one thing; Manning is taking it seriously.

So now you have a motivated quarterback who is going to be reading the most basic of defenses, facing no pass rush and throwing to receivers that may or may not be covered. Keep in mind, the receivers will still want their catches even in a meaningless game. Receivers are receivers after all. Throw in the fact that the Pro Bowl usually turns into an all passing game and Manning could throw up big numbers before dawning the visor sometime in the second quarter.

There’s also the fact that Manning is always preparing and make no mistake; he is all ready thinking about next September. He wants to get better every time he takes the field; especially since he is still trying to regain some strength in his arm and neck. If you got Manning in a room by himself and he was totally honest; he would probably tell you that he is highly motivated coming off of the playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens, and that he is all ready to get started on next season. He’s not about to let a game situation go to waste when there is work to be done, at least in his mind.

In the end; it doesn’t matter and no one is going to remember what happened five minutes after the game, but for Manning it matters. It matters today but more importantly, it matters for the future.

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