Why the Baltimore Ravens MUST extend Joe Flacco's contract

By Ross Watson
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

As many will know, this is a contract year for Joe Flacco after the young gunslinger turned down a very generous contract extension before the season started. As it stands, the question is not about whether the Baltimore Ravens will bring Flacco back but for how long and what price?

Before the run to the Super Bowl, it seemed almost like a foregone conclusion that Joe Cool would find himself franchise tagged which he would earn him a very cool $14.8 million for one year of service. Now it would seem as if Flacco has very much earned the right to a long term deal and more respect than to be franchise tagged.

From being laughed at around the league for labeling himself an elite quarterback to being the one to help engineer playoff wins over Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on the road, Flacco has proved to be a man that backs up his words with his standard of play.

Former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon at one point posed the question “who’s more valuable to their team: Mario Williams or Joe Flacco?” The comparison arising from the fact that Williams got a contract worth $100 million from the Buffalo Bills. Even as a staunch Flacco fan, I would not pay him that kind of money, but anyone who has watched him this season knows that with the loss of Ray Lewis, Flacco is going to be an integral part of the Ravens organization and leadership for years to come. So in the words of Deion Sanders “PAY DA MAN!”

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