Could San Diego Chargers New Coaching Staff Want a New Quarterback?

By Anthony Blake
Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers
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Ah, the no-huddle offense. It harkens back to the days of old when the Buffalo Bills were at their pinnacle as a franchise with Jim Kelly calling the shots. For the San Diego Chargers, they are hoping to channel some of that 1990s mojo this year and for the years ahead with a no-huddle attack of their own. The lone pressing question is how does quarterback Philip Rivers fit in with that plan of attack?

Rivers was quite fond of former coach Norv Turner who was quite fond of huddling on offense. Perhaps it stands to reason that Rivers too would be a supporter of the standard huddling procedure when in possession of the pigskin. That is an area that still isn’t settled with the Bolts and their new coaching staff.

Head Coach Mike McCoy ran the no-huddle attack quite regularly with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos this past season. His offensive coordinator now in San Diego, Ken Whisenhunt, is also a proponent of that style and ran it with the Arizona Cardinals. Does this leave Rivers as the odd man out for the Chargers?

McCoy was quick to discount that thought as he said: “I think you can do that with anybody, really. It’s a matter of what your players do best. Does your quarterback like that? Do you have the right players to do it? There’s a place for it, without a doubt.” And there is no denying that the Chargers in the past under Rivers’ direction have been quite effective in the two-minute offense which is essentially a no-huddle attack.

Expounding further on the subject and how it would work with Rivers, the new OC Whisenhunt said: “A lot of it’s dependent on the QB. I think there’s a lot of things that he can do and does well, and it’s going to be our job to try to emphasize those things. It’s premature to talk about a lot of those things until you see what type of personnel that you have and what you feel good about going on — and what types of changes will be happening. There’s going to be free agency and drafts, and additions and subtractions.”

When translated, it seems like the coaches are very non-committal about Rivers and just how he fits with the future of this team. He is under contract through 2015, but the last of his bonus money is due in the upcoming season which means that he is essentially playing on a one-year contract. All signs point to Rivers’ days in San Diego being numbered with the regime in place and the recent lack of success for the franchise.

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