Eli Manning and Victor Cruz A Deadly Combo For New York Giants

By Andrew Lecointe
Kyle Terada — US Presswire

As New York Giants’ QB Eli Manning and WR Victor Cruz showed in Honolulu in the Pro Bowl yesterday, the connection between these two has the potential to be great. Remember, Cruz is just in his second season playing with Manning. In the next couple of seasons, this combination could become the most potent in the NFL.

That is why it is essential for the Giants to lock up Cruz to a long-term deal. Giants’ fans know very well how easy things were at times when Manning had WR Plaxico Burress. At the time, Manning was still struggling with consistency issues, thus making it easier for the Giants to go to the run more often. However, Burress was a main target for Manning, with his big frame making it easier for Manning to throw it up for him to get it.

Cruz is completely different. Cruz is only around six feet tall, so Manning isn’t able to just throw it up to him. However, Cruz is one of the most precise route runners in the game, making it easier for Manning to get the ball to him at the spot he wants to throw it. Cruz has also shown the ability to go up for catches as well.

Manning has most definitely made Cruz a much better receiver, but the Giants can’t assume Manning can do that with every single receiver. He’s done a good job with the talent he’s been surrounded with, making each of them better. However, Manning feels comfortable throwing it to Cruz.

Cruz needs to be a little more consistent and eliminate the drops. However, Cruz can work on that, and can help lead the Giants’ offense to better results than in this past season.

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