Jerry Jones Indirectly Sends Warning to Jason Garrett

By Jesus Flores
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, while at the Senior Bowl, sent a message to head coach Jason Garrett, via the media.

“You got to get out of the ditch that we’re in at 8-8,” Jones said.  “That’s promoting some of the changes that we’re making to step this thing up, use what we do good… and then be better in other areas.”

Jones also said that despite the changes occurring with the Cowboys this off-season, he still believes the Cowboys should be better in 2013.  I think his words are pretty clear; they’re crystal clear, the Cowboys cannot be 8-8 or worse in 2013.

Deep down inside, I want to believe that Jones hasn’t lost faith in Garrett.  I really do.  It’s been a long time since the Cowboys have been a relevant team in the NFL, and it wasn’t until Garrett took over that the Cowboys actually started hitting in the draft.

You don’t believe me? 

Take a look at Garrett’s three previous drafts.  The first two rounds of each one of his drafts have produced starters on this team, and he’s found talent, which has contributed to the team in the later rounds, too.  Garrett’s also handled and diffused his fair share amount of off-the-field issues, and while he’s not very vocal and boisterous his leadership cannot be denied.

Garrett may not be the world’s greatest play caller or offensive coordinator, but the man knows what he’s doing and has done it exceptionally well in my opinion.  The biggest problem in Dallas, in my opinion, is that you have a head coach who believes in the process of building the team with quality players through the draft, and an impatient owner/ general manager/ president/ who wants instant results.

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