Kyle Rudolph Shows Potential en Route to Winning Pro Bowl MVP

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Bowl is what it is – usually a forgettable game. This year, it came in the form of a lopsided victory for the NFC, but along the way one player stood out among the rest – Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. The second-year player was a replacement member for the NFC squad, but he made the most of his opportunity on the national stage.

Rudolph is not yet a household name in the NFL, but after Sunday night he’s definitely taken a step in that direction. His goal as an NFL tight end is simple – be the best. Arguably after two seasons, it looks like Rudolph is at least knocking on the door of elite status.

Winning the Pro Bowl MVP, again, is what it is. To use an analogy from comedian Doug Stanhope, ‘it’s like being the best waitress at Denny’s.’ Great, good for you, but who really cares? I think that’s obviously part true about the Pro Bowl MVP award. Rudolph was the MVP of a game that players put forth marginal effort at best. But hey, at least he was still voted the best.

So is this award really a big deal? Of course not, but Rudolph’s performance should at least be recognized, five catches for 122 yards and a touchdown grab. It was a really good night.

I’m sure Rudolph himself was thrilled with winning the award. It’s a good way to end a season if you don’t win the Super Bowl. If nothing else, this will give Rudolph more confidence heading forward, and that’s always a good thing for a young player. Vikings’ fans should be very excited about the future of the tight end position. Rudolph has the blueprint to be a star in the NFL, and the more he plays, the better I expect him to get.


Review of Kyle Rudolph’s Second Year


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