New York Giants Adapting Their Defense

By jason evans
Howard Smith — US Presswire

The New York Giants may go through a little bit of a transformation on defense for 2013. The NFC and the NFL in general is going through a bit of a transformation with the NFL having more athletic quarterbacks and the spread option becoming more and more prevalent, the team is even looking to hire an assistant who has experience in defending it from the college ranks.

The NFL is a game that is always evolving. Right now, you have to be able to get to the quarterback on defense and you need speed. The Giants defense was a little slow last season, especially at the linebacker position. If anything, the game and the division should be even faster in the 2013 season.

Robert Griffin III will be back from his torn acl at some point during 2013. The Giants could have easily gone 0-2 against the Washington Redskins in 2012, and they did a better job against RGIII the second time they faced him, however, he’s going to get better to as long as he can come back from his acl injury. Chip Kelly is bringing his speed ball from college to the Philadelphia Eagles and if the team keeps Michael Vick they could run the spread option as well with Vick. Not to mention, at some point they will have to face Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick in order to get to the Super Bowl.

It’s smart of the Giants to try and adjust to the game changing. What kind of changes they make though remains to be seen.

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