NFL Rumors: New York Jets Are Considering JaMarcus Russell

By Riley Schmitt
John David Mercer USA TODAY SPORTS

Believe it or not, but JaMarcus Russell was once the top pick in the NFL Draft. That was a while ago and the former Oakland Raider has been out of the league for a bit. However, he wants back in and it appears one team has had discussions about bringing him in.

Yep, the one team that has been an absolute trainwreck at quarterback wants to bring in a washed out guy who never seemed to have what it takes.  That would be such a New York Jets move and it would show that the team has absolutely no faith in Mark Sanchez.  I would include Tim Tebow in that but no one expects him to be on the roster next season.

I mean, they might be able to find some potential left in Russell but what makes you think the Jets can develop a QB?  They have been a mess at that spot and Sanchez has not improved since he entered the league.  In fact, he may have actually gotten worse.  That takes a lot of work and it certainly isn’t a good mark on a team.

Of course, they have just had discussions about him.  That doesn’t mean they are signing him but just thinking about it sounds fairly stupid to me.  The Jets need to get a clear direction and bringing in Russell is not the answer.  It’d be another dumb move by a dumb franchise.

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