NFL Must Change To Remain Successful

By Andy Schmidt
Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Over the entire lifetime of professional football, hard hits and violence have been a big part of the game. This week, President Barack Obama said that if he had a son, he would seriously consider not allowing him to play football because of just how violent the game has become. Also, Bernard Pollard of the Baltimore Ravens said that football as we know it won’t be around 30 years from now. I agree with what both are saying.

Football has become a very dangerous and violent game. It always has been, but I have noticed that it is getting worse and worse on a yearly basis. With all the restrictions levied by the National Football League on where you can hit a player, there is nowhere to go anymore above the waist basically. You are going to see even more leg and knee injuries because players are going to be forced to not hit anyone around the head. That’s where the rub comes in for Obama and Pollard with all the head to head hits that result in concussions.

Those players who end up with several concussions are more likely to have brain damage and some have done very bad things to themselves. There is really no good way to go about this other than getting rid of the helmets and pads and make it like a bunch of friends in the backyard playing. No one would be headhunting when they don’t have a helmet on. The NFL that we all know and love will be very different sooner than later. If that happens, hopefully though it will be a less violent game.

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