NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos Exploring Revis Island

By Joe Morrone
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get too far into this, it’s important to understand that it is the very early stages of the offseason. Having said that, it appears as if the Denver Broncos could be major players if the New York Jets do decide to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis. There are reports that John Elway will speak with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen in an attempt to convince him that Revis could be the final piece.

It’s not a shock that Elway would be interested in the best cornerback in football; he has had ongoing concerns about the Broncos ability to stop teams that spread them out. The problem appeared to have been solved or was at least in a better place but then the Baltimore Ravens exposed some weaknesses. It’s just a guess but it’s safe to assume that Elway, once again, sees a need for a major upgrade.

In addition to the obvious need in the secondary, Elway understands more than anyone else that Peyton Manning has two or three years left, and the Broncos want to do whatever they can to take advantage of his presence. If you are a Broncos fan, ask yourself this. Would you take a Super Bowl win or two in the next three years even if he meant a couple of down years after Manning retired? Ya, me too.

The question is this: how much would the Broncos have to give up and how much are they willing to mortgage the future? The early thoughts are that it would take a number one and a number-three draft pick to land Revis. On the one hand, that’s a big price to pay for a cornerback coming off of an ACL injury. On the other hand, Elway and the Broncos are in a full win now mode. Many expect the Broncos to draft a cornerback in the first round anyway; if that’s the case, then they are getting Revis for basically a third-round pick, because he would obviously be better than anyone the Broncos could pick at number 28.

The other factor to consider is the money the Broncos and Bowlen would have to shell out to Revis; it would be a ton. They do have salary cap room and could create more be re-working some contracts or releasing players. Coming up with the money is not a huge issue; the bigger issue is making sure that they keep the core of the team intact. Revis is a great player but the Broncos should not add him if it means they have to release two or three of their core players to massage the cap. Elway has been very aware of the chemistry in the locker room since taking over the Broncos in January 2011, and that’s also something to consider.

We are probably two months from having any sort of resolution to the Revis saga, but it appears as if the Broncos are going to be a player. It’s still a long shot but it does tell Bronco fans one thing: Elway knows the Broncos are close to the mountain top and he’s going to be aggressive.

That should be good news for anyone who wears orange and blue.

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