NFL Rumors: Do Dallas Cowboys Want To Re-Sign Anthony Spencer?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When the Dallas Cowboys hired a new defensive coordinator a few weeks ago, the speculation quickly began over which Cowboys defenders were a good fit for the new 4-3 alignment. Two of the most talked about players Cowboys in the new Tampa 2 defense are DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, and how they fit in.

Spencer, in particular, has become a topic of conversation because not only did he have the best season of any Cowboys defender this season, he is also scheduled to become a free agent. So a new position, coming off of a dominating year, becoming a free agent and with little money to spend in free agency, there may not be any player in more limbo this off-season than Spencer.

If you’re a Cowboys fan, the good news is Spencer and the Cowboys have begun preliminary contract talks with Spencer’s agent, Jordan Woy about a new deal. Coming off of his first Pro Bowl season, Spencer has mentioned that he would prefer to stay in Dallas. The Cowboys and Spencer went through the same song and dance last year which eventually led to the team franchising Spencer and even though that is an option again this year, it isn’t likely. The Cowboys are over the salary cap and cannot afford to pay the close to $11 million it would take to franchise him.

So what does the future hold for Spencer and the Cowboys? No one knows the answer to that right now but a few things are clear, and the first thing is that the Cowboys would like Spencer back. He led the team in tackles and posted the first double-digit sack total of his career, including an incredible number of seven sacks coming in the fourth quarter.

The other thing that is clear is that Spencer just might be too expensive for the Cowboys to re-sign. The Cowboys have plenty of other monetary issues to think about this off-season, their quarterback is among them, so signing a player who will be learning a new position to big money may not be the smartest thing the Cowboys can do.

Yes, it looks like the Cowboys want Anthony Spencer back but as it usually does in contract negotiations money talks, and the Cowboys don’t appear to have enough of it.

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