People Are Missing Point In Reporting Dallas Cowboys' Jay Ratliff's Blood-Alcohol Level

By Ben Grimaldi
Mark J.Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When Jay Ratliff was arrested under suspicion of a DWI last week, there weren’t too many people defending him, and for good reason. The reaction from Dallas Cowboys fans, and fans in general, were for the team to release the Pro Bowl defensive tackle.

Today the reports are that Ratliff’s blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit, which was a few hours after the time of the arrest since he declined the breathalyzer at the scene of the accident. This result confirms police suspicions that Ratliff was drunk that night and since the news of his blood-alcohol level has been released there seems to be new-found shock over the incident. Why?

The fact of the matter is that Ratliff chose to get into his car and drive after drinking, how drunk he was should make no difference. It doesn’t matter how inebriated he was because being any amount over the limit is bad enough. Are people really going to be angrier because of how drunk Ratliff was? Should his level of drunkenness make it easier for Jerry Jones to cut him?

It makes no difference how drunk Ratliff was because he showed poor judgment in driving at all. His reckless behavior should not be tolerated, no matter what his blood-alcohol level was, and that’s the issue. It shouldn’t make any difference if he below or above the legal limit, the decision to drink and drive was poor one just the same. The Cowboys cannot count on a player who shows a complete lack of judgment just weeks after seeing what drinking and driving can do.

So for anyone who is more disappointed in Jay Ratliff today than they were last week, shame on you. The results of the breathalyzer test shouldn’t change your stance in any way. The decision to drive a car after drinking shows poor judgment and we don’t need a test to dispute that.

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