Peyton Manning Ribs Adrian Peterson Over NFL MVP Talk

By Andrew Fisher
-Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson at the Pro Bowl in Honolulu this past weekend, it was inevitable that some NFL MVP talk would surface. While it’s certainly no ‘elephant in the room,’ it’s definitely a topic on the mind of many throughout the football world. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an MVP race with two equally deserving candidates, and the public seemingly split down the middle.

Peterson was not shy when asked about his chances of winning the award. “I’m going to win it. I will get it,” he replied.

Now that’s confidence.

Later when Manning was interviewed, he gave his thoughts on Peterson:

“Everyone should play like Adrian Peterson. The guy does everything full speed. The Pro Bowl. Promoting himself for MVP.”

This of course was said in a joking tone, and reportedly no one was laughing harder than Peterson, so people shouldn’t read anything into this. Peyton was just being Peyton, while commenting on AP being AP.

I love the subtle shot by Manning because not everyone is as vocal as AP when it comes to talking about their chances of winning an award. Peterson just happens to be a very confident individual who thinks that he’s the best running back in the league. And can anyone really argue against that?

So who should win the award?

I’m going with Peterson. His performance in 2012 was more crucial to his team’s success than Manning’s, plus it was one of the best performances by a running back in history. Peyton was remarkable, but Adrian Peterson was truly the most valuable.

I’m just glad they can both laugh about his topic, and I’m sure one will have no ill feelings towards the other after the results are revealed Saturday.


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