Players Disapproval Of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Is Self Explanatory

By Ben Grimaldi
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

When I read that a USA Today poll recently said that 61 percent of NFL players disapprove of Commissioner Roger Goodell, my response was, yeah no kidding. I don’t mean to be Captain Obvious here but that poll was a waste of everyone’s time, unless the object was to see just how much the players truly dislike Goodell.

The shocking part to me is how low the number actually is. I thought a much higher percentage of players disliked Goodell based on the events in recent memory. Think about all that’s happened in the past few years under Goodell and I’m wondering how in the world did Goodell get so much support? Since the commissioner has taken over there has been a lockout, a renewed emphasis on player safety, which has cost NFL players millions of dollars in fines over the past few years, and a controversy so bad that Goodell had to suspend players and coaches for long periods of time. Does anyone else find it strange that he got 39 percent approval?

I’m not trying to bash the commissioner here but the majority of talk from players about Roger Goodell is overwhelmingly negative. Most players think he’s a hypocrite who doesn’t truly believe in player safety. They wonder how he can preach about the safety of the players, yet also back the owners plan for having an 18-game schedule? All the while he’s fining players high sums of money for illegal hits each week.

The disapproval of Goodell is obvious because players love their money and the commissioner seems to love taking it, that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. What is a bit harder to understand is how Roger Goodell got 39 percent of the players in the NFL to applaud the job he’s doing?

That’s the real head-scratcher.

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