Previous Harbaugh Meeting Means Nothing Heading Into Harbaugh Bowl

By David Miller
Colin Kaepernick 49ers
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It’s hard to imagine a more interesting match-up than the one upcoming in Super Bowl XLVII. Not only are the teams similar but also, as we all know, the teams are coached by brothers John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh. What you might or might not remember is that this has happened once before. During the 2011 season, on Thanksgiving night the two teams met. In that contest the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 16-6.

That might seem like a pretty significant point to take notice of going into the Super Bowl. Well, it’s not. Actually that meeting, though admittedly only a year ago, means absolutely nothing heading into Harbaugh Bowl. Why? Well the Ravens are looking good this year just like they did in that game. Frankly not a lot has changed on their side of the match-up. The one factor that has changed for the Ravens is huge. They want to send Ray Lewis out with one more Super Bowl ring and they want it badly.

The 49ers are much the same personnel wise, but are also a completely different team. That is because of the surprise emergence of Colin Kaepernick in the quarterback position. It’s one change, but it has ignited a fire under the entire team. Literally they seem to believe they are twice as good as they were a year ago and they just might be.

The Ravens certainly could be the team that comes out with a great scheme to shut down Kaepernick. If they do, it will take much different scheme than they used in that Thanksgiving game over a year ago. The 49ers might not have been a very good match for the Ravens back then, but now they appear almost unstoppable. It is going to be a great game from all appearances. One reason for that is because these two teams are basically meeting for the first time on the biggest stage in sports.

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