Pro Bowl Appears To Survive For Another Year

By Andy Schmidt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Bowl was a major talk of conversation this past weekend as the National Football League had their annual All-Star Game in Hawaii. It had been reported that the game could be cancelled in the future if the effort wasn’t there from the players. I have to say that while there was nearly 100 points scored, I think there was just enough effort to keep the game going.

We all knew that it would be an offensive game because no one wants to get hurt or wants to play defense. There were some great moments in the game as well that you wouldn’t see in any other game so the entertainment factor was there even though the NFC won 62-35. I wish that the game was just a skills competition instead at this point, though. The weird thing about it is that the type of game that the Pro Bowl may become more of the norm for a regular NFL game, the way it looks as player safety is continued to be tweaked.

There are definitely no concussions to be had at the Pro Bowl with the level of play. Why not just have a kicking competition and some long-distance throwing with targets for the quarterbacks? It would probably bring as many people to the television as the game right now does. I’m sure that the Pro Bowl will be back in 2014 and the game will look very similar to what it was this season. That is just the way it will always be as long as the players just give some part of themselves to the game.

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