Top 10 reasons why the NFL is better than College Football

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Top 10 reasons why the NFL is better than College Football

Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

Well, its almost time for the Superbowl and comparisons are being made. College football or the NFL? Which is better? Both the same sport, but two different leagues. Football has easily become the most popular sport in America. Slightly different rules, regulations, formats and age groups separate these two leagues.

Whatever each league is doing is working considering both are the two most popular in all of America. And that's saying a lot considering MLB is Americas past time. College football and the NFL do most things similarly, however there are some rules, schedule mistakes and financial decisions that make the NFL better.

College football has the older rivalries and older tradition. It also has the classic stadiums that are as historic as the pantheon. The problem is college football hasn't modernized as well as the NFL has. It's 2013 and you still don't have a playoff system?

There's no debating what the biggest sporting event of the year is. It's the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has not only become the most watched sports event annually, it is the single most watched event every year. How can you compete with that? Easy, you can't. The NFL is beginning to branch out internationally as well playing games in Canada and London.

When it comes to the NFL, fans don't root for conferences. College football is different. For example Pittsburgh Steelers fans want the Baltimore Ravens to lose, plain and simple. College football on the hand is a little different. Fans root for conferences and teams within conferences, thus diminishing rivalries.

So here we go, here are the top 10 reasons why the NFL is better than college football:

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10. Ratings

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The NFL has higher ratings. During the regular season Monday Night Football and Sunday Night football are a must see no matter what teams are playing. It’s just not the same in college football when there’s over 20 football teams in one state. NFL fans have an extremely high passion for that one team team per city, mostly state to cheer for.

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9. Trades and Free Agency

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Who says the NFL seasons ends in February? NFL season goes all year long. From Randy Moss signing with the Sanfransisco 49ers to wondering what will happen to Darrelle Revis. The NFL salary cap makes everything interesting in finding out what teams can afford what players.

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8. Parity

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Did anybody really think Notre Dame had a chance? Lets not kid ourselves, the SEC conference is the best in college football. They’ve won seven consecutive national championships. And they will keep on winning. How dull and arid is it when one region of the country is elite at college football..

The NFL on the other hand has had four different champions the last four years.

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7. Long Careers

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It’s great to watch Ray Lewis play for the Baltimore Ravens for 17 seasons. The players become so connected to the fans because they play for a team for so long like Peyton Manning. If a player stays in college for more than three seasons its a shocker. Every two years a college teams roster is basically completely different.

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6. NFL Draft

James Lang-US Presswire

I don’t know about you, but I love the NFL draft. It really is the biggest reason why pro sports are king to college sports and here’s why. In pro sports the best players go to the worst teams, in college sports the best players keep going to the best teams. That’s why there’s a competitive playing field in the NFL compared to college football.

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5. Scandals

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Calm down. I know the NFL has plenty of criminals, probably more. But college football is full of annual scandals unlike the NFL. Almost every year a championship is being vacated from a team or a bowl ban is being placed on a team like USC, Ohio State or Penn State. Has any NFL team had a playoff ban or a championship taken away? Didn’t think so.

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4. Blowouts

Kirby Lee-US Presswire

Everybody wants to see their team win, but if your a neutral viewer do you want to watch a 62-10 route? Of course the NFL has some blowouts but nowhere near the amount as many as college football. The last blowout Super Bowl was 2003 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, other than that every Super Bowl since has been close, unlike the BCS Championship game.

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3. Better Players

Kyle Terada-US Presswire

NFL players are bigger, faster, stronger and more experienced. That’s not debatable. NFL players come from all around the world including the Canadian Football League, the UFL and other continents. That’s why the scores are closer, it’s an even playing field unlike college football.

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2. Waiting for the Championship Game

Christopher Hanewinckel-US Presswire

We have to wait two weeks to see the two teams play in the Super Bowl. No big deal. We have to wait about six weeks for two teams to play in the BCS National Championship game. Are you kidding me? Way to destroy all the momentum. How can one even predict a score when two teams haven't played in over a month? How do you expect to be in game shape when you haven’t played in over a month?

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1. Playoffs beat a Bowl System

Mark Rebilas-US Presswire

Imagine if the NFL had a “bowl system” decided by compters? The Atlanta Falcons would be in the Super Bowl two of the last three seasons. If a college football team loses even one game, their season is potentially over. Three teams with one loss, which two get in the BCS title game?

There's so many new bowls in college football I've lost track. Does anybody really care who wins a bowl game between #17 and #25? Half the bowl games are blowouts and over by halftime anyway.

Instead of letting computers decide who is better, how about actually letting the teams decide it on the field.