Trent Williams Has Interesting Pro Bowl Week

By Andy Schmidt
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some amazing stories about athletes in the history of sports. What Trent Williams went through at the Pro Bowl this week may top many of those stories. Williams got into an altercation in Hawaii with bottles broken over his head and was tasered in the process. Williams, however, never went down while being tasered which is the most amazing part about it.

How on earth do you avoid not going down while being given hundreds of volts of electricity? That is shocking and epic in my opinion. Williams ended up needing seven stitches and didn’t play in the Pro Bowl, but with a story like that, why do you need to play in the game? Williams is either going to be revered by many people for staying standing while being tasered or looked at as a big buffoon for basically being a walking robot who won’t go down. I consider the idea of someone being able to stay up a great accomplishment.

Williams will get another chance at the Pro Bowl probably and I really hope he can actually play in the game next time around. He doesn’t need another event like this to happen again to him. I’m sure he is quite sore still today from the punishment his body took in the nightclub. The Washington Redskins, I’m sure, will make it a point to tell Williams to stay out of the nightclub as much as possible from now on, though, so they don’t lose him to an injury or some other thing happening like another tasering.

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