Why the Harbaugh Bowl Has Everything to Do With the Coaches

By Mike Atkinson
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If you think Super Bowl XLVII is about anything other than the coaches, you are mistaken.

Less than a week away from the big game, it’s not the players that are drawing most of the hype and attention. Seriously, I bet if you were to turn on ESPN right now someone would be talking about Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, or both at the same time. Try it.

That’s right. It’s the coaches that are stealing the show. The two brothers will be thrust into the spotlight at the highest level possible in the sport. I mean, they’re calling it the Harbaugh Bowl.

This game has more to do with coaching than any Super Bowl in quite some time.

Not only will the winner of this year’s Super Bowl get the glory, the rings, the trophy and the game, but the coach will get bragging rights over his own brother. How great is that?

So why is this game all about the coaches?

Well for precisely the reason I just said. Both brothers know that there is much more on the line in Super Bowl XLVII than the physical rewards. This is an emotional battle that will take place between two members of the same family. No one would ever want to be the brother that comes out on the losing side of this family affair. Could you imagine the turmoil the losing coach would have to face?

All the family will be talking about all year is the success of the winning coach in the Super Bowl.

This is going to motivate both coaches to bring their best game plan and neither one will accept anything less than victory.

This is such a unique story. Everyone in America will have their eyes on the Harbaugh brothers in the Super Bowl. If the San Francisco 49ers win the game, everyone will talk about how Jim Harbaugh outsmarted John Harbaugh; but, if the Baltimore Ravens win, then of course all of the talk will be the other way around.

Frankly, the talent matchup of players is just too close. This game is going to go to whichever coach constructs the best game plan.

Even if the game had nothing to do with coaching, and one team played better than the other, fans, members of the media and everyone involved with the sport will place the victory square on the shoulders of the Harbaugh brother that won.

This will be an exciting Super Bowl and players will leave it all on the field, but everyone knows the game is about the two men in headsets across the field from each other.

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