Andrew Luck Could Turn Tables, Overshadow Peyton Manning

By Jeric Griffin
andrew luck peyton manning
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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has already accomplished more than any other rookie passer in NFL history. He has set a new standard for quarterbacks entering the draft that will never be topped. If history has any indication, Luck’s chances of making the Hall of Fame are already sky high and he’s completed just one season in the NFL. While the football world is preparing for the Super Bowl, Luck played along with his predecessor, Peyton Manning, in the Pro Bowl and dazzled, which raises the question: is Luck already out of Manning’s shadow?

If you’re a regular Rant Sports reader, you know there is no bigger Manning fan out there than me. I think he’s hands down the best quarterback to ever play the game and arguably the best football player of all time. However, Luck may have already accomplished enough to not only make Colts fans forget about Manning, but create his own shadow on other NFL passers.

That is not to suggest in any way that Luck is better than Manning or that Denver Broncos fans are wishing they had No. 12 in stead of No. 18. However, Luck will be considered an “elite” NFL quarterback in 2013 and will soon be in the discussion for best signal-caller in the league.

The best part, at least for Colts fans, is Indianapolis is a good team with Luck under center. He improved the team by nine wins in his first season, which not only shatters every mark before that, but is also an accomplish that was previously thought impossible and will never be topped. If he takes the Colts to a Super Bowl, they will forget about Manning. If he wins two, they will say Luck is the better quarterback. Whether or not that’s true is debatable and always will be, but the fans’ opinions will be set in stone.

Luck has the ability to win a handful of rings while also challenging all of Manning’s career passing marks, which would put him in the discussion of greatest of all time, if accomplished. Now, he’s just a rookie who complete his first season, so this is very early for such talk, but he’s literally that good.

Again, I’m the biggest Manning fan in the world, but I believe that in 20 years, the debate for all-time greatest quarterback will revolve around these two players. Would any football fan have it any other way?

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