Assessing the Patriots Quarterback Position

By Trisity Miller
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Top Performer = Tom Brady: 4,827 Yards | 34 Touchdowns | 8 Interceptions |63% Completions | 98. Passer Rating

Free Agents = NONE

In case you forgot, Tom Brady is one of the few elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

If you look at Tom Brady’s line in the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, you’d think he wasn’t elite, but until his game is through the mud, the New England Patriots have their franchise quarterback. In fact, the quarterback position is the one of the few positions that doesn’t need an upgrade or slight change.

You could argue that last year was Brady’s best year after the 50 touchdown season in 2007-08 as he controlled the tempo and, when needed, put the team on his back and into position to win games. But a lot of people are wondering how life is going to be after Brady and whether Mallet will be the one to fulfill it, but there are doubts.

Recently there were rumors of the Cleveland Browns being interested in Mallet as that organization has endured new management. If the team parts ways with he, then the only backup the Pats will have is ex-Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Kafka who they recently signed to a future/reserve contract.

 As for as Tom Brady goes, the biggest improve he should make going into the new year will be his accuracy on the deep pass. A lot has to do with the team’s lack of a deep threat and that’s something they haven’t had since Randy Moss was traded from the team. But multiple times throughout the season, Brady missed on some passes that were there. With his receiver core healing up throughout the off-season (I’ll talk about whether Wes Welker will be re-signed in the receiver post), he has a chance to repeat and possibly better his 2012-13 numbers.

With Brady behind the center, the Patriots already have a 50/50 chance to return to the AFC championship game and they will until Brady retires.

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