Fun Facts From Super Bowl Will Make You Look at Big Game Differently

By Jeric Griffin
Vivid Seats

Super Bowl XLVII (a.k.a. HarBowl or Harbaugh Bowl) is sure to be a thriller, especially considering the two teams–San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens–and coaches–Jim and John Harbaugh–involved. However, even all the fun facts about those teams, their players and coaches don’t compare with the crazy stuff put together by our parters at Vivid Seats. As illustrated above, the Big Game comes brings some really odd facts that involve more dollars than our tongues know how to say.

From 2011 to 2012, the highest price for a single Super Bowl ticket increased from $14,000 to $18,000–23 percent. That’s a lot for one year! Although this year’s highest single-ticket price is yet to be determined, we can only assume it will be even more outrageous than the two previous years.

It’s hard to believe the average price per ticket actually decreased from 2011 to 2012 considering the outrageous statistic above, but that’s exactly what happened. However, the increase from last year to this year more than made up for it.

The top ticket sales by state aren’t surprising with Louisiana being second since New Orleans is hosting the Super Bowl. It’s also easy to see how California would be third since the 49ers are playing in the game. We guess all those folks from Texas who bought tickets just want to go because New Orleans is relatively close because the Dallas Cowboys sure aren’t playing in the Big Game this year!

The most surprising numbers come from the viewing time, which consists of 90 minutes of commercials. That’s an hour and a half spent watching nothing but commercials! Sure, the commercials during the Super Bowl are better than those on other days, but c’mon, man!

Next is 60 minutes of the players standing around. Boy, that’s exciting.

We will actually see more of the game replayed over and over than live action. We will only see 11 minutes of actual game time, which is mind-blowing, but not as bizarre as only two minutes worth of cheerleaders on the screen. Gotta love America!

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