Harbaugh Bowl: John Harbaugh Should be Worried about Joe Flacco

By Trevor Lowry


Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has out shined both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the NFL playoffs this year, but that does not mean that John Harbaugh should feel at ease with his starting QB. In fact, he should feel a little worried.

Give Flacco all of the credit in the world against the Denver Broncos because that was probably the best he has ever played in his entire career. I was born and raised in Colorado, but I can admit that Flacco still put on quite a show against Denver, since he did bomb multiple passes down the field, including the stunner that forced overtime.

Flacco is clearly one of the best deep-ball throwers in the game, but he has been pretty inefficient in the playoffs, throwing less than 53 percent in two of the playoff games.

Coming into this season, many people thought that Flacco was not the right man for Baltimore. This team has one of the best defenses on a yearly basis. Just imagine how good it would be if it had an elite QB like Tom Brady.

Well, the San Francisco 49ers also have one of the best defenses in the game this year and they have been showing that all season long. Colin Kaepernick has truly stepped up to the plate and has made a great 49ers team that much better ever since taking over at the QB position for Alex Smith.

There is a reason why Flacco has not been the talk of the Super Bowl quite like Kaepernick and that is because he is simply not as good. Flacco has never been known to fill the stats sheet and the opposite can be said for Kaepernick in his second season. Flacco has been playing some decent football, but his defense has backed him up and Flacco will have to play flawless football if the Ravens plan on outscoring the high-powered 49ers.

That is really the big issue here. Does anyone really think that Flacco can not only out-play Kaepernick, but outscore the Ravens as well? Yeah, I would be a little worried t0o if I was Harbaugh.


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