Harbowl: Randy Moss is the Most Feared Wide Receiver Ever

By Kase Brammer
Randy moss
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

No wide receiver in the history of the game could cut the top of a defense like San Francisco 49ers WR Randy Moss. He may not have had the greatest career in NFL history, like Jerry Rice, but there was a time in his career when defenses would have gladly taken Rice in his prime over him. Even now, teams have to respect Moss and double him up or at least give the corner back a little help over the top.

Moss declared on media day, “I really think I’m the greatest receiver to ever play this game.”

Well, I don’t disagree with him because he does hold an NFL record for probably the greatest season a receiver could have, on the greatest offense in NFL history, while he was playing for the New England Patriots. Players have had more yards, but touchdowns are always the biggest impact because they win football games. Not trying to be John Madden, but you just can’t argue that point. If you’re always a threat to score, and Moss still is well into his 30s, you are the greatest in NFL history. The way he has gone about his career wasn’t always pretty, but his numbers are still fantastic.

Moss has always had an attitude problem that rubbed people the wrong way, but I was always a fan of the way he acted because it was human. Although it’s nice to see a class act like Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson or Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, if everybody in the NFL was like that the games would be boring. People would be shaking each other’s hands after a great tackle and hugging it out instead of pushing a shoving and driving up the intensity of the game. It would ruin football more than NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is already doing.

There were some games and maybe even seasons when Moss didn’t show up mentally to play the game, but when a defense still plans around you when you’re barely there, what do you call that? Respect? Fear? I think it’s a combination, but I really do think he is the greatest to ever play the position.

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