Joe Flacco Signs Gummy Bear Endorsement Deal

By Scott DelleFave
Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco signed a new endorsement deal today, Haribo Gold Bears. They are a gummy bear company that’s been in Baltimore since 1982 so it was fitting that they picked a player on the Ravens. Additionally, the company’s advertising is done by a firm called TBC and it’s chairman is Allen Charles, father of actor Josh Charles, who stars in “The Good Wife” on CBS. Josh is a die-hard Ravens fan.

Christian Jegen, president of Haribo North America said  “We don’t do typical sponsorships, we’ll only do something with an athlete if we hear he really enjoys our products.” Flacco’s favorite flavor of gummy bear is pineapple. This is just a nice fun story during Super Bowl week, plus these gummy bears are the best on the market today! Plus Haribo is the eighth largest candy company in the world, and the largest gummy candy company.

Flacco wouldn’t be the first pro athlete to get a sponsorship deal with this confectionery company as tennis super star Maria Sharapova inked a deal and their sales greatly expanded. So I don’t see why the same wouldn’t happen again especially with a locally grown talent who is just sixty minutes away from winning the Super Bowl.

Flacco currently also has deals with Nike and 1st Mariner Bank so why not have a candy company sponsor you as well? Diversity is key especially when you love the candy!

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