Joe Flacco's Statement Mindnumbing

By Andy Schmidt
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco is going to be one of the biggest stories this week with Super Bowl XLVII coming up on Sunday but Flacco made some comments during Media Day about next year’s game that were a bit shocking. Flacco said that playing a Super Bowl in cold weather was stupid. He went with a different word than that but I won’t repeat that. I think Flacco should be more focused on leading his Baltimore Ravens instead of worrying about next year’s game.

Flacco is going to get a challenge from the San Francisco 49ers in defending all the deep passes that Flacco likes to throw. Those plays may not work against the 49ers and Flacco should concern himself with that fact over a cold weather Super Bowl. Who knows if Flacco will even get the chance to play in that game next year but Flacco has a big game ahead of him this weekend. What happens in New York next February is going to happen no matter what Flacco thinks about it.

If it snows, so be it. The National Football League can deal with that when the time comes and the trickle down effect from it. Flacco is on the biggest stage there is for professional football right now and using his time at the podium to express his feelings on a game that is a year away was pointless. If Flacco has a great Super Bowl though this weekend, all will be forgotten and Flacco can raise the Lombardi trophy in the nice, comfy Louisiana Superdome where the weather will be no factor.

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