NFL Draft 2013: Why Geno Smith Shouldn’t Get Taken With the First Pick

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it.

I understand that nearly everyone with a computer is predicting that not only is Geno Smith the top quarterback in the Draft Class of 2013, but he’ll also be the first pick.

Well, like I said, I just don’t see what everyone else is seeing apparently.  Let me explain.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that Smith had phenomenal numbers at West Virginia throughout his career, especially last year.  In four years for the Mountaineers, Smith threw for 11,662 yards, completed 67.4% of his passes and had a splendid 98 to 21 touchdown to interception ratio.  In one game this year, he threw for 656 yards and 8 touchdowns.  His stats are superb, I agree.  But since when does that translate directly to the NFL?

You want stats? How about this- 19,217 yards passing, 69.4% completion rate, 155 to 46 touchdown to interception ratio.  Based on those stats, that guy should’ve been the number one player drafted last year, and be considered the top college player of all time.

But no, Case Keenum couldn’t even stick on an NFL practice squad this past year.  Oh, and they both ran the same exact offense (Holgorsen was Houston’s offensive coordinator for two years when Keenum was under center) in college.

But wait a second, his stats are phenomenal! With those numbers, how is he not the greatest thing since Barack Hussein Obama?

This is my point people.  College stats don’t mean a darn thing in the NFL.  Do they look good on your resume? Sure they do.  Does that mean you can put up those same numbers in the professional ranks?  Of course not.

Another thing that bothers me about Smith is the scheme he’s coming from.  Look at WV coach Dana Holgorsen’s quarterbacks in the past.  Wherever Holgorsen has been (Texas Tech, Houston, Oklahoma State, West Virginia), he’s always had a spectacular offense, with his quarterbacks putting up astronomical numbers.  But tell me, how many of those quarterbacks have been successful in the NFL?  Exactly none.  Holgorsen employs a fantastic college offense, but it’s not a scheme that could even remotely work in ‘The League’.  All of the quarterbacks that run that offense are sorely ill-prepared for schemes at the next level.

Not only am I not sold on Smith’s padded statistics and how that translates into the NFL, but the biggest problem I have with him is his team’s results.  Look at how his team did this season.  The ‘Neers started out 5-0 and looked unstoppable.  Smith was clear and away the Heisman Trophy favorite.  Then what?

Then WV lost the next five games in a row, and six of the last eight.  And Smith wasn’t even sniffing the Heisman.

Are those the kind of results you look for with the number one draft pick overall, and your franchise quarterback?  I may have high standards for a franchise quarterback, but 30 and 40 point losses to conference foes in the midst of a monster losing streak simply doesn’t cut it.

My franchise quarterback doesn’t let that happen.

My number one overall pick simply doesn’t accept that.

He demands more out of his troops than that.

Look at the last two number one draft picks- you think Cam Newton or Andrew Luck would’ve let that happen?  Of course not.  They demanded winning ways from their teammates.

Do I think Geno Smith has the physical skills to be a good NFL quarterback?  I do, but just having the physical skills or the stats don’t cut it.  Didn’t Ryan Leaf have superb numbers and physical skills?  You bet he did.  But he just wasn’t cut out for the gig.

Smith will more than likely go in the first round in the upcoming draft, and I won’t be surprised.  And when he stumbles, I won’t be surprised.