NFL Rumors: Could the Houston Texans Make a Run at Mike Wallace?

By gilgerard
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans started off really hot this year and really fell apart down the stretch. I guess I’m not surprised after they lost a few key defensive players to injury for the year. The Texans then got bounced out of the playoffs by the New England Patriots and it’s clear they weren’t ready to take that next step into the NFL elite. With that being said, I believe they need a second go to WR for Matt Schaub. Andre Johnson is a beast and Owen Daniels is as good as it gets for a TE. Other than that, I don’t believe they have the weapons ready to compete.

With that being said, could the Texans make a run at WR Mike Wallace if he hits the open market? Wallace is a game changing WR that clearly isn’t happy with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have no doubt that he’s going to get that free agent deal he’s looking for from someone, so why not the Texans? They frankly could be a Super Bowl contending team with him and Andre Johnson on both sides of the field, and with the return of their defensive stars  like Brian Cushing? Again- why not?

This hasn’t hit the mainstream as NFL Rumors season hasn’t quite started just yet, but if Wallace hits the open market, he could be the missing piece for the Houston Texans.

We’ll see what the Texans want to do, but I think they’re 1 offensive playmaker away from being a big time year in and year out super bowl contender.

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