Oakland Raiders: Carson Palmer or Terrelle Pryor as the starting quarterback?

By Jeremy Hayes
Terrelle Pryor
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As the Oakland Raiders prepare for another desperate off-season, they need to decide who their leader will be: Terrelle Pryor or Carson Palmer?

The majority of Raider Nation can answer that without even thinking about it, Pryor should be the projected starter going into next year. Palmer’s career will always be remembered for the statistics that he made, but he could not be the one to count on when a game is close. He is now a failed experiment and should ride the bench for the 2013 season.

Pryor proved in the last game of the Raiders season that he has the potential to compete with other teams in the NFL. The problem is that the Raider team as a whole is still a long way away from being actual contenders, so they will have to make some smart moves in the off-season. This means becoming better in the draft, picking up cheap but good players, and learning how to let go of over-paid players on the current roster.

So what should happen to the quarterback depth chart chart?

So far we have Pryor starting going into training camp, Palmer is basically the quarterbacks coach, so who is number three?

Trade. Bring in Michael Vick, Alex Smith, or Matt Flynn as competition for Pryor. If that “wild card” spot earns the start, then you start him. Russell Wilson is the perfect example of a player earning his spot, and the Raiders need to let their leader earn it, not just give the fans what they want.


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