St. Louis Rams Decide Not to Hire Rob Ryan

Promote Rob Ryan

Apparently, Rob Ryan and the St. Louis Rams will not be a couple after all.

After it was widely reported that Ryan was going to take over as Rams defensive coordinator, it never happened. While there was no specific reason given, a potential road-block was the Rams personnel is set-up for a 4/3 defense, and Ryan implements a 3/4 look.

Last month, Ryan was fired by the Dallas Cowboys as defensive coordinator in a move that upset many down in Big D. With Ryan being one of the league’s most recognizable figures (and Rex’s brother), his name will always be thrown around for potential openings. Interestingly enough, the Cowboys hired Rod Marinelli in his place. Marinelli likes to run a 4/3 defense as he did with his last team the Chicago Bears and other stops along the way.

With Ryan’s future still up-in-the-air, is it possible he finds his way onto his brother’s staff with the New York Jets. While anything’s possible, this rumor seems to die-on-the-vine more than it carries water. Rob Ryan should find work in 2013, but it may not be as a defensive coordinator.

Before Dallas, Ryan worked as the defensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns. Before becoming a defensive coordinator, he was the linebackers’ coach for the New England Patriots and had a job with the Arizona Cardinals in the same capacity earlier in the 1990s. He also coached on the college level as well.

Ryan is the son of former NFL coach Buddy Ryan (of 1985 Bears fame).

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