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The 10 Best Captions of Alex Smith’s Misery From Rant Sports Fans

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The 10 Best Captions of Alex Smith's Misery from Rant Sports Fans

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith has had his share of misery this season after being replaced by phenom Colin Kaepernick. We found one image in particular that summed it all up-- Smith holding a ball under his arm and looking as dejected as humanly possible while standing upright.

I mean, we could play with this all day long, but why not allow our hilarious and creative group of Facebook fans to take the ball and run with it. We did, and the result was first-class comedy.

Sit back, click-through, and enjoy the 10 best captions we received from these folks of Alex Smith's continued misery. I promise you'll chuckle -- or lol -- wherever you are.

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Alex Wonders Where His Next Home Will (Could) Be

James Swarner

James Swarner sees Alex as pondering his next home -- whether it be the football paradises of Kansas City, or, even Jacksonville! We have to ask: would being a starter in one of those two be better than carrying a clipboard in the Bay Area? That's for Alex to ponder, I guess. He should only be so lucky.

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Alex Promises to Earhole Kaep on the Bootleg

Courtney Simpson

Courtney Simpson sees Alex as ready to make a return to the field -- not under center -- but instead to earhole his replacement and earn a triumphant return back as a starter. Question is, could he even catch Kaep if he tried? My bet is no -- but boy would I LOVE to see him try.

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Alex Thinks the Joke is Really on Everyone Else

Kelsey Renae' Edwards

Kelsey Renae' Edwards sees Alex in the role of prankster -- holding the ball casually until everyone realizes the joke's on them. Like, "Hey.. you know you need THIS.. right. Get it?" Could well be the case, given it would be about the only way he would have an impact on the game anymore in the Red and Gold.

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Alex Misses the Twitters and Facebooking

Kevin Bowling

Kevin Bowling sees Alex as counting down the minutes until he can get back on his true home, the Internets. After all, what would Twitter and Facebook do without him? Plenty I'm sure. Plenty.

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Alex Remembers the Grade School Days

Jared Watson

Jared Watson pictures Alex having a flashback to the grade school days when actually having a ball could make you instantly popular -- regardless of whether or not you knew what the hell to do with it. Ahhh yes -- those were truly the days.

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Alex Understands How Cushy His Life Actually Is

Dan Nguyen

Dan Nguyen pictures Alex pondering his place in the universe and realizing just how cushy his life actually is. Get paid millions to walkthrough the opposing offense in practice? Check. Get ignored by the media? Check. Watch my career float by with each passing down? Check.

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Alex Realizes Maybe He Should Have Played a Tad Bit Better

Peter Brook III

Peter Brook III sees Alex as having plenty of time to think about how a few more yards here and there are the difference between glorified holder status and being the most popular guy in the Bay Area. Hindsight is truly an evil master.

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Alex Has a Moment of Zen-Like Introspection

Jordan Lulich

Jordan Lulich places Alex in a moment of Zen-like introspection, where he realizes he is now the teacher rather than the student. The teacher of what exactly is debatable, but regardless, Yoda would be proud.

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Alex Remembers Why He Liked Grade School

Tom Tenenbaum

To stay with the grade school theme, Tom Tenenbaum gets in the mind of young Alex who will prevent the game from ever happening unless he's allowed to play. Why? He has THE ball, and is therefore more important than you could ever imagine. Or, not.

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The Moment Smithing Was Born

Sherique McDuffie Jenkins

Sherique McDuffie Jenkins is our winner, stating the obvious, but something we all have overlooked. This picture of desperation is definitely meme-worty. Hence, Alex Smithing is born. Well done, Sherique.