The Buffalo Bills and Rogers Media Renew for Five More Years

By Scott DelleFave
Rodgers Centre
Luc Leclerc-USA TODAY Sports

Today, it was officially announced that the Buffalo Bills agreed to a five-year contact with Rogers Media to play one game a year up at Rogers Centre. I’m shocked that the people at Rogers would be interested, since the Bills haven’t exactly been stellar up there to say the least,  having only won once in the regular season.

As for the Bills, the season ticket holders (myself included) are beyond livid, as we see this as a slap in the face that takes away a regular season home game a year for five  more years. We don’t get a ticket to the game up in Toronto or even first crack at them, not to mention the elevated ticket prices. Besides the Bills fans, Eric Wood, starting center for the team, has been extremely outspoken about this as I mentioned in a previous article.

Granted, the new deal between these parties could help pay for renovations without raising tax payer’s money, or even ultimately a new stadium down the road. However, the new stadium idea is extremely far fetched at this moment, but with having a new ten-year lease with Erie County and New York State, it has at least prolonged life for the Buffalo Bills  in Western New York, which is good news for the team with the most loyal fans in the entire NFL.

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