The Dallas Cowboys Need To Draft an Offensive Lineman In the First Round of the 2013 Draft

By gilgerard
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are not far away (in my opinion) from being a prominent force in the NFL. Individually, the Cowboys have some great players on both sides of the football and you can say what you want about Tony Romo, but I believe he can get the job done with this team. A major problem this team has faced has been on their offensive line. They’ve tried to bring in free agents to fix the holes (fail). They’ve tried to develop linemen later in the draft (fail) and because of this, Romo is consistently on the run and no QB can be effective long term when that’s happening.

This is why the Cowboys need to flat out take the best offensive linemen available in the 2013 NFL Draft. I know it’s not sexy, and it’s not the Cowboys’ way, but if they want to win, they need to protect their QB. They need to give him time to utilize guys like Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. They’ve got a decent RB in DeMarco Murray, so again, protect the QB and let the pieces fall where they may.

The problem is Jerry Jones; he likes to go out and get the sexiest player on the board at the sexy skill positions. That’s fine and dandy, but if you can’t get those guys the football or put them in the right defensive scheme…it’s a waste of a pick and a waste of money.

The Cowboys have wasted enough time and money with that strategy and it’s gotten them nowhere. It’s time to get down and dirty and it starts with the offensive line.

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