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5 Positions Dallas Cowboys Need To Draft In April

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Top 5 Positions Dallas Cowboys Need To Draft

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Every team in the NFL, even the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, have positions they need to improve on and the Dallas Cowboys are no different. In a few days we’ll be officially into the off-season and there will be plenty of talk about who the Cowboys should draft in April. The players that all these draftniks and amateurs predict for the Cowboys will change quite a bit over the next few months but one thing that is not likely to change nearly as much are the Cowboys areas of need.

These positions haven’t actually changed much in the past few years but they may also be under further evaluation now because of the moves the Cowboys have made to their coaching staff. Dallas may need to speed up the process of developing their talent in certain areas, which may put other positions on the backburner. Most of these spots should not come as a shock to us since they seem pretty obvious to anyone who watches enough Cowboys games and these positions are likely to be the keys to how the team drafts.

Of course, there are always areas of need that may surprise some fans but these are the spots where the Cowboys should focus on in moving forward with their draft preparation. So here now, is the list of the 5 positions the Dallas Cowboys need to improve upon on draft day. If you disagree with any position on this list, please feel free to let me know on twitter @BenGrimaldi:

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5. Tight End

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The Cowboys have set with Jason Witten as their number 1 option at tight end but there isn’t much else behind him. Near the end of the season, rookie James Hanna proved he could be a reliable target but he has yet to prove much. Hanna also isn’t much of a blocker and the Cowboys could use a mauler at the position.

John Phillips had shoulder surgery recently and it’s a tough injury to come back from. Even if he does come back, Phillips is a free agent and he has never been a viable option in the passing game. The Cowboys need to address the position in the draft.

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4. Quarterback

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Tony Romo isn’t going anywhere but the Cowboys need to start developing a young quarterback. It’s the most important player on the team and even though Kyle Orton is a great backup QB, the Cowboys still need somebody younger to develop. Romo will be 33 years-old next season and that’s no spring chicken. Dallas needs to bring in a young quarterback to help with the future of the team.

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3. Safety

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The Cowboys will have their two starting safeties back next but Barry Church is coming off of an Achilles tear and there are question about Gerald Sensabaugh’s ability to play in the ‘Tampa 2’ scheme. I like both players, as well as Danny McCray but he’s more of a special teams players. I also like the potential of Matt Johnson but we just don’t know about him because he never saw the field.

Despite the fact that I like a lot of these players, if the Cowboys can address the position with a solid safety that can make plays in the running and passing game, then they can stop their never-ending search for the next Darren Woodson.

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2. Defensive Line

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The defensive line really needs help now because of the uncertainty with Josh Brent and Jay Ratliff. Before their incidents, I thought the Cowboys had a nice rotation even without Kenyon Coleman, who doesn’t look like will get re-signed. The Cowboys could use a big and stout defensive tackle and a pass rusher at defensive end to help out. No one knows what going to happen with Anthony Spencer so getting another defensive lineman to help with the Dallas pass rush would be huge. Two young, solid players here would really help the Cowboys defense.

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1. Offensive Line

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It’s no secret that their offensive line is the biggest problem the Cowboys have. They don’t move enough people off the ball or protect Tony Romo. If you want great results from your quarterback, you have to keep them upright and in the pocket. An improved offensive line should also help DeMarco Murray gain more yards and keep their offense balanced. The Cowboys need to draft at least one player for each offensive line position. You want a better offense? You need a line to keep Romo slinging it all over the place. To do that, the Cowboys need upgrades along the offensive line.